For your trip to run without unexpected additional costs, we recommend to conclude a travel insurance before going on a trip. Travel insurance covers the medical expenses from an accident or sudden illness, the cost of luggage delay, flight interruption or cancellation. Additionally Compensa travel insurance offers liability and accident insurance.

Compensa travel insurance may be concluded maximum for one year. You have the chance to choose an insurance for one specific trip or many repetitive trips for travelling abroad.

Insurance area must be selected according to the destination of the trip. 

The different insurance areas od Compensa travel insurance are: 

  • The Baltics
  • Republic of Belarus
  • Russian Federation
  • Europ and Egypt, Turkey
  • The whole world, except for the US, canada and Australia
  • The whole world



  • Wide choice of insurance coverages. 
  • Already existing travel insurance packages, all you have to do is choose the right one for you.
  • A deductile will not be applied when handling claims.
  • Extensive medical insurance coverage. In case of unexpected illness or accident, we will cover the costs of hospital or other treatments, medical transportation, prescription drugs, transportation to home for the diseased, accommodation and transportation of his/her accompanist.
  • Customer friendly travel interruption insurance. When the trip is cancelled we will cover the cost of the cancelled travel package. In  case of an interruption or delay of the trip, we will cover the additional costs to transportation and accommodation.
  • Covering the cost of luggage damages. In case of luggage theft or damage we will cover the cost of the damages as the luggage has been previously handed over to the transport company. In case the luggage has been delayed, we will cover the cost of basic necessities.
  • Additional insurance protection of ski equipment with VIP class package. We will cover the rental cost of new equipment in case the delivery of your equipment has been delayed. Also the additional cost of any damage or theft of your ski equipment will be covered.
  • Liability insurance covers the damage for third parties.
  • Accident insurance as an additional protection opportunity. In the case of permanent disability due to an accident, we will pay permanent disability benefits. We will also pay death benefit in case of the death of an insured person as a result of an accident.
  • Travel assistance 24/7.


Compensa travel insurance has five travel insurance packages that has different insurance covers and sums.

Overview of travel insurance coverage choices:

  Medical assistance Business class VIP class
Medical insurance

Travel interruption

Luggage insurance -
Ski equipment insurance - -
Liability insurance
Accident insurance -


Report a claim

For medical assistance that is not hospital treatment, please turn to a certified physician or medical assistance staff. In the case of hospital treatment please contact medical help coordinator and agree on the next actions.

The contact of medical help coordinator is +7 495 135 10 37. In the Republic of Belarus please contact +375 29 103 6424. In other cases please report the claim via phone + 372 6 756 756 or via email