Home insurance includes:
Total risk Optional
Piping system leak, breakage/clogging of piping system
Robbery, vandalism
Home assistance
Property liability insurance Optional
Lost rental cost or rental income Optional
Insurance cover of an accident (death, disability up to 5000€) Optional
Damages resulting from faulty construction works
Small buildings up to 20m2 Up to 10 000€
Portable home property in Estonia Up to 2 000€
Property located in the storage rooms of apartments, private courtyards
Damage caused by the movement of ice or snow
Built-in furniture
Interior decorations of the storage rooms belonging to the apartments
At home cash theft Up to 300€
The cost of an illegal usage of a stolen bank card Up to 300€

The cost of pet treatment as a result of an insured event

Up to 300€
The cost of the completion of a passport, ID card, driving licence in case of theft
"Old for new" principle about the household property, including up to a year old mobile phones, tablets and laptops