Special conditions

Unlike the deductible on the policy, the minimum deductible for mobile phones, tablets, computers and other smart devices (such as smartphones, 3D glasses, etc.) is 200 euros per damaged device, but not less than the main deductible, except when the device is damaged or destroyed by fire (including flow creep caused by lightning), storm, pipeline leakage or natural flood.

Submitted data

The insurance contract has been concluded based on the information submitted by the policyholder and/or an equivalent person. The policyholder and/or their equivalent person shall confirm that the data they submitted are correct and they have an insurable interest to insure the insured object and that it complies with the requirements and technical condition established by the insurer. The policyholder shall be obliged to notify the insurer immediately if the data regarding the contact changes.

Terms and conditions of insurance

The terms and conditions of insurance are a part of the insurance contact. The offer and the contact concluded based on the offer is concluded in compliance with the Law of Obligations Act and the Terms and Conditions of Home Insurance 16.04.2018. By paying the first instalment of the insurance contract, the policyholder confirms that they are familiar with the contract’s terms and conditions, understands them and wishes to conclude an insurance contract under them.


The insurer has established exclusive circumstances of the home insurance terms and conditions 16.04.2018 as well as the cases in which the insurer shall not be obliged to compensate for damage. In addition to the causes described in the Terms and Conditions, the insurer shall not compensate the loss or damage that has directly or indirectly been caused by the termination of working, data changes, deletion or theft of a technological device, electrical data processing device, processor controlled device or machine and/or the intentional damage of software, including using illegal access, computer virus or the incompatibility or overload of data and/or software.

Termination of the contract

Terminating the contract in the middle of the period shall be performed by agreement of the parties pursuant to the procedure established in the Law of Obligations Act and/or the Terms and Conditions of home insurance 16.04.2018. If the policyholder has not listed a contract termination date on the application, the insurance contract shall be terminated on the next day from delivering the application. In the case that the policyholder has chosen an automatically extending insurance contract, the insurer must be notified of the wish to terminate a contract at least 45 days in advance before the current insurance period ends. Without notification, the contract shall be automatically extended for the next period.

Reporting of a loss event

The policyholder or their equivalent person must notify the insurer upon an insured event at the first chance. Notification of loss can be submitted via phone on +372 6 756 756 or via e-mail to kahjud@compensa.ee.

Procedure for the settlement of disputes

Estonian legislation shall be applied to the contract. All disputes shall be settled by agreement between the parties, following the terms and conditions of home insurance 16.04.2018 and the legislation of the Republic of Estonia. If an agreement is not reached, the parties shall have the right to take these disputes to county court.

Insurance supervision

The insurer shall be supervised by the Financial Supervision Authority, located at Sakala 4, 15030 Tallinn. The policyholder has the right to file a complaint concerning the activities of the insurer with the Financial Supervision Authority. The latter does not resolve contractual disputes between the insurer and the policyholder.

Processing of personal data

By paying an insurance premium under an insurance policy concluded with the offer or the first instalment of an insurance premium, the policyholder shall confirm the following: 1) The policyholder has familiarised themselves and agrees with the principles of the Compensa Vienna Insurance Group, ADB privacy policy www.compensa.ee/olulineteave/privaatsuspoliitika; 2) the policyholder is aware of and agrees to the processing and use of personal data (first and last name, email address, phone number, personal identification code, insured assets, and other information required to compile this policy) to evaluate risks, prepare, conclude and compile future insurance offers for the entire validity period of the insurance policy and for 24 months after the termination of the insurance policy; 3) the policyholder is aware of their rights to view the personal data processed by the insurer; 4) the policyholder is aware of their right to withdraw their consent to process their personal data by contacting Compensa Vienna Insurance Group, ADB Estonian branch customer support by calling +3726756756 or via e-mail to info@compensa.ee.


  • A person who wishes to conduct an insurance contract confirms that he/she is not the subject of international financial sanctions. The insurer will not conduct insurance contracts nor pay insurance indemnity insofar as the insurance cover offer, satisfaction of a claim or compensation payment would be the subject to any sanction, prohibition or restriction by the UN resolutions or under any other commercial or economic sanctions or by the law of the European Union or any of its members or the United States.