Home insurance grants you peace of mind and a feeling of security.

Why should you secure your home?

Home insurance provides help when there has been an unforeseen accident with your home or property as the damage is usually always bigger than the monthly insurance premium. It is possible to secure only a household or home property.

Compensa home insurance includes:

  • 24/7 free household service, e.g. for pipeline leakage, when the door lock doesn't work properly, weather damages etc.
  • Total risk insurance that doesn't consider the wind speed
  • Liability insurance
  • Included household property insurance to an extent of 2000€ in Estonia
  • Compensation for damages from the movement of snow or ice
  • Compensation for incorrect construction or repair work to the high quality part of the building


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When no deductible is applied?

Deductible is the amount in your contract that you have to cover yourself in case of damage.

No deductible is applied in the following cases:

  • When using 24/7 home assistance service
  • When more than 50% of the household has been ruined
  • Lost rental cost and rental income
  • The substitution of the door lock when the keys go missing or the door lock has been damaged
  • The breakdown of external glass surfaces, e.g. glass surface in the balcony


Before concluding any policies please consult with an insurance advisor or a broker and read the terms and conditions here.

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  Home insurance includes:
Total risk Optional
Piping system leak, breakage/clogging of piping system
Robbery, vandalism
Home assistance
Property liability insurance Optional
Lost rental cost or rental income Optional
Insurance cover of an accident (death, disability up to 5000€) Optional
Damages resulting from faulty construction works
Small buildings up to 20m2 Up to 10 000€
Portable home property in Estonia Up to 2 000€
Property located in the storage rooms of apartments, private courtyards
Damage caused by the movement of ice or snow
Built-in furniture
Interior decorations of the storage rooms belonging to the apartments
At home cash theft Up to 300€
The cost of an illegal usage of a stolen bank card Up to 300€

The cost of pet treatment as a result of an insured event

Up to 300€
The cost of the completion of a passport, ID card, driving licence in case of theft
"Old for new" principle about the household property, including up to a year old mobile phones, tablets and laptops