Nobody can be fully prepared for an accident, but when an accident occurs the sequence and content of the action steps is very important.

In case of an accident or illness please turn to a certified physician. In case of hospital treatment, please contact our medical help coordinator via phone +7 495 135 10 37, while in the territory of Belarus +375 29 103 6424. The medical help coordinator will help you to find the best medical institution and will coordinate the following actions. When paying for all the actions yourself, please keep all the bills and document your payments.

In case of the cancellation of the trip, inform the Travel Company, accommodation provider and airline. Let then cancel or change as many services as possible and needed.

In case of luggage delay to the destination country, please inform the local airport’s luggage service and ask them to issue a corresponding certificate. All the documents related to the purchases of basic necessities due to the luggage delay must be kept safely and present later for the loss adjustment.

In case of a luggage theft, please turn to the police of the country of residence and register the event.

In case of a liability insurance please write yourself or let the injured person write an explanatory statement about the event. Please turn to the police or medical institution for additional help if needed and document the event.

All the documents of the event must be preserved and presented for loss adjustment when returning home.