Nobody can be fully prepared for an accident, but when an accident occurs the sequence and content of the action steps is very important.

  • Ensure the safety on scene of the event and make yourself visible. Switch on the warning light of the vehicle, put on a reflexion vest, remove the battery bat to avoid ignition hazard when needed.
  • Make sure all the people involved in the accident are alright. If someone is hurt, then please let the Emergency Response Centre know via phone 112 and act upon their instructions.
  • Call the Emergency Response Centre also when:
    • The sufferer is unknown or is not present at the scene of the accident (e.g. when hitting a traffic sign or a parked car);
    • It is impossible to reach an agreement about the accident;
    • The accident was caused by hitting an animal or as a consequence of prevention.
  • When informing the Emergency Response Centre is not needed, then form the traffic accident always in writing, marking all the contact information of the people involved (name, ID, phone, email), information of the vehicles and/or other property, information about the witnesses and insurers.
  • Take photos of the scene of the accident if possible. Make sure you capture the damages of the vehicles and the location.
  • If it is possible to continue driving the vehicle, then you may leave the scene after written documentation of the accident. If it is impossible to continue driving the vehicle or it is too dangerous to do so, then please call the necessary towing assistance for transportation via phone +372 6756 756.

After performing the necessary actions at the scene of the accident, please let Compensa Insurance know about the accident by calling us +372 756 756 or write us via email

Contact our partners for evaluating the damages here.

When contacting a workshop, it is important to take with you all the needed documents, registration information of the vehicle and your ID or passport.  The repair company will review all the damages, on the basis of which they will draft a bidding that will be forwarded to Compensa Insurance.

The final decision will be made following the bidding and necessary documentation. The agreement for carrying out the repair works will be forwarded to the repair company in case of vehicle repair. The repair company will contact you and let you know the precise time of the repair works.  

The MTPL of Compensa offers a car help service, which is provided across Europe 24/7. The car help service offers the towing of a vehicle from the scene of the accident to the closest storage or repair location when driving the vehicle is no longer possible or safe.