Liability and freight incident report

The notifier

The policyholder`s information

Circumstances of the incident

Claim for compensation

Addition of documents

Please add all the documents (copies, photos etc.). You may also send the documents via email

List of the necessary documents:
*explanatory note of the driver
*documents related to the contract of carriage, such as carriage agreement, delivery / delivery of goods
*all the emails related to the order
*all claims against you
*all claims submitted by you
*copies of documents certifying damage
*photos of damages
*certificate and all documents from the police or rescue service

When submitting the claim, I confirm that all the information is correct and verifiable if needed. When submitting the claim, I give permission to the insurance company to process personal data and to receive information from third parties, which is necessary to determine the extent of the obligation or performance of the insurance contract.
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