Our vision

We want to be the first choice for our customers. 

  • We adopt a long-term, customer-focused business strategy.
  • We invest for the long term and make a vualuable contribution to the positive development of our local insurance market. 
  • We offer our customers peace of mind and reliability. 


Our mission

We stand for stability and competence in the field of risk protection. We use our experience, know-how and diversity to move closer to our customers. We see it as our responsoibility to protect the values that matter to our customers. 

  • We help our customers to enhance their financial stability and protect then against specific risks.
  • We build on our leading position by means of our performance-driven culture. 
  • We manage risks and resources carefully and sustainably. 
  • We keep our promises for the good of our customers, shareholders, and of society. 


Our values

  • Diversity - Being a part of an international group as the Vienna Insurance Group helps us to share the knowledge, ideas and experiences of different markets. 
  • Customer proximity - It is important for us to offer our clients tailored solutions based on their needs and thus maximise customer satisfaction.
  • Responsibility - A sense of responsibility and respect are always central to our relationships with our customers, business partners, shareholders and society as whole. 


Our promise

We are committed to "protecting what matters", it is our responsibility to treat the values that are close to our customers' hearts with care and respect. 

We enable our customers to live a safer and better life: protecting what matters.