The object of insurance is a carrier’s civil liability arising from the carriage contract with their clients. Road carriers’ liability is regulated by the CMR Convention in case of international carriages and by Law and Obligations Act in case of domestic carriages.

In addition to cargo loss, damage or disappearance, cover also includes claims arising out of contract of carriage such as

  • Freight in the same proportion with cargo loss
  • Delay of delivery
  • Custom duties and fees from the contract of carriage

Insurance also covers the costs related to avoiding or minimizing the loss as well as legal costs in connection with defence against claims presented to insured person.


It is possible to buy additional cover against claims directly not arising out of contract of carriage such as:

  • Liability to a third party to compensate claims related to property damage in connection with performance of carriage or loading operations (standard cover)
  • Claims related to the General Average adjustment (standard cover)
  • Liability for loss/damage to containers (additional cover)
  • Liability for loss/damage to trailers (additional cover)
  • Liability arised by Gross Negligence (additional cover)

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